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Art works offer

of academic painter Jaromir Fajkus
(25. 3. 1924 – 30. 6. 2009)


Kytice pro maminku(V zákoutí) (xxx).
Kytice pro maminku(V zákoutí)
1988, 18x26cm
oil on hardboard
frame 28x36cm

12 600,- CZK
Kvítka z louky (xxx).
Kvítka z louky
1993, 18x26cm
oil on hardboard
frame 28x36cm

12 600,- CZK

Extraordinary price offer:

Rozkvetlý strom (xxx).
Rozkvetlý strom
1990, 18x26cm
oil on hardboard
frame 32x39cm

6 000,- CZK
Žlutý květ (xxx).
Žlutý květ
1993, 18x26cm
oil on hardboard
frame 29x37cm

6 000,- CZK
Růžičky (xxx).
1999, 18x26cm
oil on hardboard
frame 28x36cm

6 000,- CZK
Ladoňky (xxx).
2003, 26x18cm
oil on hardboard
frame 37x29cm

6 000,- CZK
Po koupeli (xxx).
Po koupeli
1986, 18x26cm
oil on hardboard
frame 28x36cm

6 000,- CZK

For lovers (it´s offered with self-denial):

Zdislava (Zdislava).
1975, 18x26cm
oil on hardboard
frame 28x36cm

18 600,- CZK

For investors or special demands (paintings and graphics "in natura" without frame, glass, border etc.):

No offer in this time.

How to obtain

This pages are not purchase e-shop, they are aimed to be used just for making contact between two physical people – the owner (offerer) of movable things (painting, graphics etc.) and an interested person (demander) about his purchase. With the filling in and sending off the address form it do not arise to the offerer or the demander any engagement.

If a demander wants to get any item from the offer, he picks up with the indicator the push-button "want to buy" and by clicking with the left mouse button he moves into a form for giving the contact data which he fills up up send. Its accepting will be confirmed by an automatic message sent back to the introduced e-mail address. As soon as it is possible (ussually the same day) the offerer sends to a demander an email message with password for viewing a purchase agreeement and the payment instructions thrue reference Proposal of a purchase agreement and payment instructions on this page. If the demander agrees with the conditions, he confirms it with sending off the negotiated money sum. After getting the payment the offerer sends the negotiated item and document for attest the item is recorded in Catalogue of art works of academic painter Jaromir Fajkus of this place to the demander.

In case that there is "booked" at the button at the item, the item is booked by a demander but it is not payed yet. If the demander do not pay the chosen item by the negotiated time, the item will be freed to other interested people.

In a exceptional case when the demander would pay a negotiated price and the offerer could not send an item to the demander for any reason, the offerer will immediately sends money back to the demander.

Why to have a art works

The art works as paintings and graphics created from classic materials as oil paint, canvas, mill-board or paper has got usually a long-term lasting life – counted in decades - with necessary proper care. Just a few practically used things are able to provide profit so long. At the same time the actual cost of a painting is (thanks to minimal necessary care) simply only one expence for the whole time of its life. From the economic view even in spite of higher purchase price the annual expences on this sorte of profit are quite low especially thanks to the long-term lasting. It is necessary to take these facts into account while considering the price of paintings and graphics.

A painting as a decoration in any interior is an old tested way how to bring randomnes and irregularity into rigorous and monotonous enviroment which is very usual in nature and is calming a human being down. It creates various world in people´s residence adding some pieces of the other world and from different time where people can feel much more comfortable. People breathe more freely in a room filled with paintings and art works then in a laboratory with just white walls. At the same time an art work does not disturb and a viewer does not need to bother with it. However, if an observer wants to, he can take a look at it and imagine painted places and time, recall his own experience or just relax. There is a great advantage about paintings and graphics and it is mobility when it is possible to change appearance of any interior by moving them from one place to another or when moving out to take part of interior – reprezented by paintings - with its residents.

Some paintings and graphics can be objects for a collection witnessing past time or a historical way of thinking or the way of life. The collection preserves objects classified according to time, kind or situation connected with them on a particural place. It is possible to collect the paintings from a special painter, from special time, with a special theme or of a special sort. The greatest collectors did not conform to any instantaneous fashion but they always collect only those art works which they like themselves. Each collector appreciates greatly remarkable and exceptional art works and either he does not want to give up them in any case or just for a corresponding price.

The painting or graphic purchase investment is a commonly used way in history how to protect possession from currency inflation. A buyer gets rid of reduntant uncoverded currency which is liable to inflation and gets an object as painting or graphic which always has its inner permanent value. After years such an investor can sell that „investment“ as painting and graphic and get back curency of the real value as he invested. It is necessary to know that inflation on purpose (means devaluated currency - if everything is as it should be according to a state currency manager because it is ussually higher) 2% per year means that after 20 years after gettting cash the real value of the cash gets down nearly onto half value. It makes clear that our uncovered currency is suitable and used for exchanging goods but it is unsuitable for long-term preserving worth. Purchase of paintings or graphics is a long-term investition which can give use e.g. in interior and preserve value. Purchase of paintings or graphics from an extraordinary offer is an opportunity how to invest greatly because of a special lower price.

Such amazing paintings or graphics are excellent gifts for birthday, wedding anniversary, wedding, retirement, good service appreciating etc. There are a lot of opportunities when a valuable art work of a great artist is really suited. It is possible to choose a lower price art work (e.g. some graphics, oil paintings of smaller size or of an extraordinary offer) or a higher price work (e. g. larger size or precious oil paintings or graphics from the offer or offer for lovers).

Why just here

Each art work offered here is an original and unique art work of academic painter Jaromír Fajkus and has never left the close family possession. There are no doubts about genuiness.

To prevent falsification the available art works are evidenced. There is an original certificate added to each purchased art work – the certificate proves that the art work is listed in The catalogue of the art works of academic painter Jaromír Fajkus where there is possible to list the particular art work freely. The catalogue of the art work of academic painter Jaromír Fajkus is reachable onto internet address http:// www.jaromir-fajkus.com.

There is a limited amount of the art works of academic painter Jaromír Fajkus. The contemporary offer is really suitable for future investition.

There are paintings in a good quality frame in common offer, comfortable for immediate placement on the wall in any interior. There are also mentioned some references about the auction where there are actually offered art works in auction in Aukro market. If anybody wants to take part in the auction, he must be registrated in Aukro according to its conditions and can auction off.

There are paintings in a good quality frame in the extraordinary offer. They are convenient for immediate placement on the wall in any interior. The paintings are chosen by chance for reviving and a possibility for occasional purchase of web page visitors.

In spite of originality of each painting and individuality for its owner there are some differences in percieving such heterogeneous art work. For that reason there is a special offer for lovers - for special viewers with very exceptional and extraodrinary features. The offer is aimed to the collectors of individual point of view.

The offer for investors or of special conditions brings an opportunity to purchase „pure“ art works without any frame. It is the first choice when the interested person wants to choose the kind of frame by himself. In other way paintings without frames simplifies investment purchase of paintings since they are more space-saving.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Can I contact you directly?
You can send questions or notes to e-mail: obrazy.jaromir.fajkus@post.cz
Jak je to s poštovným ?
Shipping and handling is free for all EU. Shipping and handling to other world will according to individual agreement.
Is a compensation for lost or damaged posted item ?
Yes, paintings are posted by Czech Post Insured Letter. In case lost or damage the item, its price is full returned. In case of low price little graphics the reason of posting is individually agreed.
Can I see the painting personally ?
Yes, You can personally see paintings after personal consultation. You obtain the possibility after registrate Your demand. Usually, You need come to Havirov, but we can individually agreed.

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